CNA Job Duties: Helping Clean and Disinfect Workplace

If you’ve read many other articles on this blog, it should be plenty evident by now that certified nursing assistants play a huge role in the healthcare industry. And this is why they are highly sought after in healthcare facilities across the country. And one of the reasons they are so important to the industry is because of the diverse skillsets they bring to the table. Most nursing assistants don’t specialize at one job duty at work but instead are “jack of all trades” and help in dozens of job responsibilities at their workplace.

One of the many skills nursing assistants apply to an important job duty is cleaning and disinfecting patient areas. These actions promote the well-being for both the patient as well as the rest of the entire facility. Keeping the facility, and particular patient areas in the case of nursing assistants, clean and disinfected is vital to providing quality healthcare. Without a sanitized facility, it will be impossible to provide consistent and safe care. Do we have your attention yet? Good! This job duty really is one of the building blocks for providing great healthcare.

Is this really an important job responsibility?

If this job duty is not adequately performed, there are a variety of serious issues that can arise. If the area that a certified nursing assistant has been assigned to is not kept clean and disinfected, the risk of infections becomes a much bigger threat. We’ve covered how serious the risk of infections is in previous articles, but it can’t be overstated enough; preventing the spread of infections must remain a top priority for nursing assistants at all times!

What areas do CNA’s keep clean and disinfected?

The most common areas and items that nursing assistants are usually required to clean and disinfect are patient’s room, bedpans, bathrooms, examination rooms, and other patient areas. Since cleaning is involved in the list of duties of a certified nursing assistant, some people might think “isn’t this a job duty for the janitorial staff”? But no it’s not, and it takes a full team effort to make sure the entire facility is properly cleaned and disinfected. Janitors are typically responsible for the overall cleanliness of a healthcare facility, but a certified nursing assistant is typically responsible for the overall cleanliness that is directly linked to the patient.

Don’t get too caught up in learning what specific items you’ll be cleaning and disinfecting though because it will differ with regards to where you work and how that facility operates. Each hospital/nursing home/doctor’s office will operate a little differently so there isn’t a hard list you can refer to.

What tools do nursing assistants use to clean and disinfect?

Again, this really depends on what you will be expected to keep clean and disinfected, but you probably know about most of these tools that get used, and we will talk about them more in an upcoming article. Some of the most important tools though you will use are the tools used to keep you protected while performing this job responsibility. Nursing assistants should always wear the proper/adequate protective gear when performing this job duty. If you don’t have the proper gear or tools to perform this job duty, speak up! Not using the proper tools and equipment can actually end up compounding the problem so never perform this CNA job responsibility without the proper tools.

CNA cleaning duties will differ based on work location

Cleaning duties for a CNA can vary pretty significantly from workplace to workplace, but the common denominator is always that nursing assistants play a huge role in helping keep patient areas clean and sanitized. Even if it is not your direct responsibility to keep an area clean, if you see something that doesn’t look up to standard, say something. It is that little extra effort that really separates the good nursing assistants from the great nursing assistants. And it is the great nursing assistants that earn promotions quicker! Providing great healthcare really is all about excellent teamwork, and helping keep the facility clean and disinfected takes the entire team from the janitors to the doctors to the nursing assistants. It isn’t always glamorous, but this job duty is about as important as it gets!