CNA Certification In Alabama

Alabama CNA information

The state of Alabama is an excellent place for a person to become a certified nursing assistant. CNA Certification Alabama is a very straightforward process to becoming a nursing aide and the renewal process is easy for veteran certified nursing assistants so that they can get back to focusing on helping their patients sooner. Every individual that would like to work as a certified nursing assistant in Alabama must be listed on the state’s Nurse Aide Registry.

Prerequisites CNA Certification in Alabama

There are no pre-certification requirements for a person to become a nursing aide in the state of Alabama. However, you will have to take some challenging classes in your state-approved CNA program and be able to pass a state test so we do recommend completing high school or getting your GED equivalent before pursing a CNA certification. However, it is not mandatory and every individual situation is different. You should contact the program you are considering taking and confirm if they have any prerequisites though. Additionally, it would help to have taken a basic biology class in high school or college so that you are familiar with some terminology before enrolling in a CNA program, but again it is not mandatory. Likewise, we suggest you try and find the opportunity to volunteer at a hospital or nursing home before enrolling in a CNA program so that you will know what to expect and whether or not this would be a good career fit for you. You should also have a clean criminal record with no serious offenses.

CNA Certification Requirements in Alabama

In order to become CNA certified in Alabama, you must first enroll and subsequently complete a state-approved CNA training program. In Alabama, it is required that you take at least 75 hours of approved. The 75 hours of training includes both classroom instruction as well as clinical training. Unfortunately, Alabama will not approve any online CNA programs. Click here to learn more about available CNA training programs in Alabama.

Alabama CNA Testing Procedure

Once you have completed your state-approved training program, you will then have to pass the state exam to become certified. The state exam in Alabama has both a written and skills portion. Alabama has contracted out the exam to Pearson VUE and you will have to schedule your examination with Pearson VUE.

The test has two parts: a written exam and skills evaluation, and you must pass both parts of the exam on the same day to become certified. The written part of the examination has 70 questions. For the skills portion of the exam, you will be given 5 randomly selected tasks and you must complete all 5 of them in less than 25 minutes. An evaluator will watch you perform these tasks and you must perform all 5 correctly to successfully pass.

Another requirement is that you must pass the exam within 24 months of when you completed your state-approved training. If you do not take or pass the exam within 24 months of completing your CNA training program, you will have to complete the program again before you can take the exam and become certified. The fee for both the written and skills evaluation is $100 and you must give 5 business days notice before cancelling a scheduled examination. Your exam will be graded at the exam center and you will be notified at the exam center whether or not you passed, barring any unforeseen circumstances. If you fail the exam, you are allowed 2 more attempts within the next 24 months before you would have to retake a CNA training program to be allowed to take the exam. 

Register and Verify Your CNA Certification in Alabama

The state of Alabama does not issue a certificate for individuals that are CNA certified. The only way to see if someone is certified in Alabama is to look it up on the state’s website or call the office. Additionally, there are no separate certification numbers in Alabama. Instead, your social security number is used as your certification number. If you would like to look up the CNA certification status of yourself or another individual, you can do so online at the following web address:

Renewing Your CNA Certification in Alabama

Your CNA certification will expire every two years in Alabama. Therefore, every two years you will have to renew your certification if you would like to continue working as a CNA and maintaining active status on the states nurse aide registry. Before your certification expires, you will need to get the necessary paperwork from the state of Alabama, complete what is required of you and send it back in. In order to be able to renew your certification, you must have worked in a nursing home, hospice agency, mental health facility or hospital for at least 8 hours in the past 2 years. Unfortunately, unpaid or volunteer work cannot be counted towards renewing your CNA certification status.

How to Transfer Certification from Another state to Alabama

If you have an active and valid certification in another state, you can transfer this certification to Alabama but only if you find employment at a nursing home. After you are employed, you can then transfer your certification. You must be listed in good standing and active on the Nursing Aide Registry in another state. Additionally, you cannot have anything on your record regarding abuse or neglect of patients in order to transfer your certification to Alabama. If you are not able to get employment, you will most likely have to get certification directly from Alabama. In other words, you will have to take another training program and pass the certification exam in Alabama.

Alabama Certified Nurse Aide State Registry Contact Information

Alabama Certified Nurse Aide Registry
Alabama Department of Public Health
Division of Health Care Facilities
The RSA Tower, Suite 710
201 Monroe Street
Montgomery, AL  36104
Phone: (334)206-5169
Fax: (334)206-0361