CNA Certification In Alaska

Alaska CNA information

In the state of Alaska, the Board of Nursing is responsible for certifying nursing assistants and maintaining the registry. The Alaska Board of Nursing is also responsible for taking legal action against certified nursing assistants that violate the law. There are 4 different fees that you will have to pay to the state of Alaska throughout the process to become certified: 1) $50 application fee 2) $100 certification fee 3) $50 exam fee and 4) $60 fingerprint processing fee. The fingerprint processing is an important part of the application because a certification cannot be issued in Alaska without the results from a state and federal background check.

Prerequisites for CNA Certification in Alaska

There are a few basic pre-certification requirements you must meet in Alaska before you can become certified as a CNA. You must be at least 18 years of age and have graduated from high school or hold a GED. Additionally, you will also have to submit to a background check before being able to enroll in a CNA training program.

You will have to take some challenging classes in your Alaska approved CNA program so we recommend trying to take a biology class in high school or college to help you prepare for some of the material you will see. This is certainly not mandatory though as you should be taught everything you will need to know in your CNA program. Likewise, it also helps to try and find a healthcare facility like a hospital or nursing home where you could volunteer before enrolling in a CNA program so that you will know what to expect and if the career is a good fit for you.

CNA Certification Requirements in Alaska

In order to get your CNA certification in Alaska, the first step you must take is to enroll and subsequently complete a state-approved CNA training program. Alaska mandates that all CNA training programs require a minimum of 140 training hours. Of these 140 training hours, 60 hours will be spent in the classroom while the other 80 will be spent doing clinicals. Both portions of the training are important and you should learn as much as possible in this environment. The clinicals will help you learn everything you need to know in a controlled environment to prepare you for the certification exam, but also allow you the opportunity to practice before having to assist patients in the real world. 

CNA Testing Procedure in Alaska

After you have completed your CNA training program, you are now able to apply for and take the state certification exam. Peason VUE administers the state licensing exam in Alaska and you will be contacting them to find a date and place to take the exam. You can submit an application for the exam with Pearson VUE online or through traditional mail.

The certification test has two parts: a written exam and skills evaluation, and you must pass both parts of the exam on the same day to become certified. The written part of the examination has 70 questions and you will have two hours to complete it. For the skills portion of the exam, you will be given 5 randomly selected tasks and you must complete all 5 of them in less than 25 minutes. An evaluator will watch you perform these tasks and you must perform all 5 correctly to successfully pass.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to receive the results from your exam the day you take it. However, they should be mailed to you within about 10 days after the day that Pearson VUE receives your exam materials. Your results will tell you which sections you passed or failed and which areas you need to improve on. In order to be placed on the state aide registry in Alaska, you must pass both the written and skills tests within 24 months of completing your training program. You will have 3 attempts to pass the exam within this time. However, if you fail the exam 3 times, you will have to retake a CNA training program before you can take the exam again.

Renewing and Verifying Your CNA Certification in Alaska

CNA certifications expire on March 31st in all even numbered years in Alaska. However, if your certificate was issued less than 90 days before expiration, it will be good until the following expiration period. You will also want to keep an up-to-date address on file with the state of Alaska because renewal notices will be mailed at least 60 days prior to expiration.

There are additional requirements in Alaska to renew your CNA certification. For example, if you have had your certification for more than 2 years, you will have to complete 24 hours of continuing education while also being employed as a CNA for at least 160 hours during this period. Likewise, if you have had your certification for less than 2 years but more than 1 year, you will also have to have been employed as a CNA for 160 hours but you will only have to complete 12 hours of continuing ed

ucation. Lastly, if you have had your certificate for less than 1 year, you will not have any additional requirements.

How to Transfer Certification from Another State to Alaska

It is possible to transfer a certification from another state to Alaska. However, you must still meet all of Alaska’s requirements for their CNA certification status. For example, Alaska requires 140 hours of training while another state where you were certified may have only required 80 hours. Unfortunately, you will have to meet Alaska’s requirements

and take additional classes.

For all of the additional requirements you must meet in order to have another states certification transferred, we recommend visiting the Alaska’s Nurse Aide Registry webpage at:

Alaska Certified Nurse Aide State Registry Contact Information

(907) 269-8161
(907) 269-8196 (fax)
550 W. 7th Avenue., Suite 1500
Anchorage, AK 99501-3567