Do You Need to Change Your E-mail Address on Your Resume?

The definition of a subliminal message is when a message is perceived by the mind but the person is not consciously aware of it. Subliminal messages are most commonly associated with marketing and advertising. For example, movie theaters do a great job at sending subliminal messages before movies start about how great a coke and popcorn would go with your movie in a way that they don’t directly advertise it.

Did you know that your resume is also sending subliminal messages to the person reviewing it? We don’t want to get you worried and overthink your resume, but every detail on your resume can send a message (good or bad) to the recruiter about what type of CNA candidate you are.

For the most part, you are probably fully aware of what message you are trying to send and what to include. You should be using the basic structure of a CNA resume that we laid out. You should be targeting your work experience to show them you are a healthcare professional that has the character and personality that make you a great fit for the job. You should leave certain things off your resume that don’t add value to your nursing assistant candidacy.

However, there is one specific item on peoples resumes that they often overlook because they don’t even realize it. This one detail that often gets overlooked can send a negative message if not done properly: your e-mail address.

Don’t overlook the importance of what your message your e-mail address sends

It is very important that the e-mail address you have listed on your resume is a professional sounding e-mail address that does not send the wrong message about what type of CNA candidate you are. We have seen it plenty of times: a CNA job candidate has a personal e-mail address that they have been using for 10 years, so without even thinking about it they put it on their resume.

Well we are here to tell you to not overlook this step in perfecting your resume. It only takes a few minutes to create a new e-mail address if you need to, but it is certainly worth the time and effort.

The perfect, professional e-mail address to use for your resume

There is no need to overthink what e-mail address to use on your resume. Instead of listing out all the crazy and inappropriate e-mail addresses we have seen, we just want to give you a simple format to follow. Here’s the format we recommend to use for the e-mail address on your resume:

Yes, it is that simple. If you don’t already use this format, we recommend going to Google, Yahoo or whatever e-mail provider you prefer and signing up for a new account to at least use for your resume.

So what if the format we just gave is already being used by someone else? Then we recommend just adding your middle initial between your first name and last name like this:

Do you have a really common name and that is also taken? Then you can add a number to the end but start at 1 and then go up until it is available. Why? Because we don’t want you to use the year you were born in. If you are a younger candidate it might send a subliminal message that you are immature. If you are an older candidate, it might send a subliminal message that you might be overqualified for the position and wouldn’t stay in it long.

More than likely they probably can already guess your age from looking at your education and work history. But there’s no reason to send any additional subliminal messages to them and let them stereotype you as a CNA job candidate.

Don’t let your e-mail address be a distraction to the content on your resume

Using a professional sounding e-mail address on your resume is one of the easiest things changes you can make on your resume. But it can also make a big difference. If you’re still using the same e-mail address as when you were in high school or it has a lot of personality in it, it’s probably time to get a new one.

When your potential employer is reviewing your resume, you want them to focus on the content of your resume, not on the silly e-mail address you use. Should your e-mail address affect how you are perceived as a CNA candidate? No, probably not. Does is affect how you are perceived as a CNA candidate? Absolutely.

You are going to spend many hours writing your resume and getting it perfect to submit for that CNA job you want so bad. Why not spend 5 more minutes and get a new e-mail address if you need it? We think it’s definitely worth your time.

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